Filters And Bag Houses

 Bag house Dust Collectors

A baghouse dust collector, also known as a fabric filter or baghouse filter, is a device used for air pollution control in industrial processes. It removes particulate matter from the air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation. Here's how it generally works:

1. **Structure**: The baghouse dust collector is composed of one or more insulated compartments containing rows of fabric bags. The bags can be made of various materials depending on the application, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, or fiberglass.

2. **Operation**: Dirty air enters the baghouse and passes through the fabric bags. The particulate matter gets trapped by the bags while the clean air passes through and is released back into the atmosphere.

3. **Cleaning**: Over time, the bags accumulate dust. Therefore, they need to be periodically cleaned to maintain efficiency. This is done using one of several methods:

   - **Shaking**: Mechanically shaking the bags to dislodge the dust.

   - **Reverse Air**: Blowing air through the bags in the opposite direction.

   - **Pulse Jet**: Briefly sending high-pressure blasts of air through the bags to knock the dust loose.

4. **Applications**: Baghouse dust collectors are widely used in various industries, including steel mills, pharmaceutical producers, food manufacturers, chemical producers, and other industrial companies where airborne particulate control is necessary.

The effectiveness of a baghouse dust collector depends on the correct bag material, the air-to-cloth ratio, and the correct handling and disposal of the collected dust.

Sphinx Silo Filter

  *The Sphinx  insertable top loading bin vent dust collector is a high-efficiency  unit requiring a minimum of maintenance.

* It includes FDA approved  spun bound polyester  PTFE  coated  filter cartridges that require no tools for change-out. 

*The innovative hinged design allows unobstructed  access to the cartridges. 

*The weatherproof housing is all-welded  steel.  

* Includes a clean air plenum, pluse valve , air manifold 

* Special  nozzles  provide  short bursts of reverse air into each bank of filter bags to prevent the  accumulation of material on the cartridges


Filters And Bag Houses