Silos And Tanks

Silos and lockers, in addition to hygienic treatment and lower storage costs, silos and metal lockers made of galvanized sheets are becoming the best alternative for food storage day after day due to their versatility and ease of installation.

We design the silo according to your needs, using the latest technology, in accordance with applicable European and American regulations, and using the best quality standards.

All of our silos and lockers are made of high quality steel and offer innovative metallic coatings that are ten times more resistant to environmental corrosion than traditional galvanizing.

Our in-house engineering team guarantees first-class service anywhere in the world, and provides a longer warranty period for our products.

Types of silos and cabinets

Silos and steel tanks

Silos and tanks have a cylindrical barrel and a 30-degree sloping roof, designed to store seeds, grain and other products.

     The warehouse is made of high-elasticity S350GD galvanized steel, coated with a layer of Z600 or equivalent 600g/m2 zinc.
     In the production phase, we use the most efficient raw materials and the least steel in our silos and tanks to meet any height requirement
     All departments use the same resource and project planning system, which allows us to control and track the production process from start to finish, as well as for better after-sales tracking.

     Silhouettes and cabinets are manufactured according to European and American EuroCode and Ansi/Asae specifications
     To ensure that the installation process conforms to the technical specifications provided, we promise the presence of a supervisor on all projects submitted to clients

     The production line is fully automatic and can produce any complete warehousing project in the shortest time

     The zigzag step is 104 mm long, which results in a smoother ring surface and less grain flow resistance, and leaves no residue during silo emptying.

Features of steel silos and tanks:

     Suitable for feeding beans, corn, rice, wheat, cement storage and grain processing
     It can also be used as a warehouse, especially for grain storage.
     Quick degassing and eliminating pests
     There are no chemical residues
     There is no danger of insect resistance
     Clean design without internal stiffening
     Mobile and easy to install
     Low cost and long service life (more than 30 years)
     Easy to maintain

Silhouettes and tanks with a flat bottom

  Flat-bottomed silos and tanks are one of the most widely used steel silos in the agricultural industry, and these storage silos are the most popular and most cost-effective method for long-term storage, especially for grain and fodder storage.

All flat steel silo bottoms are designed and constructed to D-4097 or ASTM D-3299 standards.

  If you have decided to build a flat bottom silo, choosing the right top is what you need to do.

  Then do you have any questions or want more details on the flat bottom design? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Silos and high steel tanks

Jacon manufactures a wide range of elevated steel silos such as grain lifting silos with different capacities from 100 tons to 5000 tons.

  Our Elevated Silos are designed by our team of experienced engineers and are praised for their high strength, durability and good impact. Silos and Elevated Silos can be used for both small grain storage operations and large commercial operations.

Jacon has a complete set of auxiliary system for silos, tanks and monitoring system, including conveying system, drying system, sweeping system, ventilation system, material level control…. etc.


Silos and conical bottom tanks

Hopper bottom silo, also called conical bottom silo, hopper bottom storage bins, storage tanks, storage pot, refers to a cylindrical steel silo with a conical bottom.

  Generally a funnel is needed in cellars and tanks to store most materials.

  For small silos and tanks, the steel hopper/cone can be fixed to the side walls, however for large diameter industrial silos, to reduce risks.

The hopper/cone is designed to be supported by the silo bottom floor.

According to the requirements and situations of customers, the shape of the hopper or cone will be specially designed to meet the needs of the products to be stored, for some products such as food and grain, serious and safety concerns must be eliminated.

Silos And Tanks